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Melbourne Experts in Building Inspections

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Find Highly-Trained Experts for Inspection Needs

Comprehensive and Informed Building Inspections

There are several businesses in the Melbourne area that have experts in the field that are ready and waiting for both buyers and sellers. When buying or selling a property, it’s critical to know that the inspector hired is more than just competent…an expert is the only ticket. That’s exactly what Melbourne has to offer.

Building inspection costs will differ from property to property, typically due to whether the property is developed, or if it has existing structures. To add to that list, it depends on how many structures, and the size of the structures, so it’s important to find the best experts to complete the inspections required.

There are a few questions to ask the inspector before hiring them. Here are a few of the questions to ask:

  1. Does the inspector have a degree in building surveying or a certificate in pest management? It can be critical for a seller or buyer to be able to recognise problems that can be an issue in the sale. Missing glaring issues can cause embarrassing mistakes for the seller.
  2. Is the inspector insured? It’s important to know that the business is able to show that they know the Australian Standards 4349.1 (pre-purchase inspection) and 4349.3 (timber pest management). Also, if they will do a verbal only inspection for less than a full inspection, it’s a sure giveaway that they are not insured. There is no way to cover something that they missed if they don’t actually do the inspection fully.
  3. Will their report include photographs? Each defect needs to be clearly identified when deciding on the final purchase price. Ask for a sample report to give a good idea on what to expect when they finish their inspection.

A few things are pretty standard to expect. The top property inspections in Melbourne finds building defects or major defects on the property is critical to a final sale. Safety hazards need to be identified. Structural defects on buildings located on the property need to be pointed out. Termite and other pest photographs and information are necessary to be able to show what either needs to be fixed before sale or what needs to be adjusted for in the final amount to be paid for the property.

Some of the services to look for:

  • Pre-purchase inspections and same day inspections
  • New building or new renovation inspections
  • Electrical wiring inspections, including heating and cooling
  • Mould and moisture inspections
  • Energy conservation or efficiency improvements have been done to raise property values
  • Pest and insect inspections, including photos where damage is present
  • Plumbing waste problems that may cause health issues
  • Building safety including asbestos identification
  • Insurance claim expertise

When all is said and done, every buyer or seller wants to walk away satisfied. A seller wants to be able to get the full amount his property is worth, so it is important to be able to show that the property is the best quality it can be. This is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. When negotiating prices, it is imperative that there is proof of improvements (on the seller’s part) or where improvements need to be completed (on the buyer’s part).

Take a moment to check into the different contractors available online, and when possible, see if there is a free quote offered. Take that first step, and the journey to the best purchase ever begins now!


3 Simple Steps to Upgrade The Fencing Around Your House

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If you’ve some fencing around the house, you may spend a good deal of your time thinking about maintaining and painting those fences over the time. Fences play a significant role in devising the exterior of the house. They make sure they give a new look to the outside of the house. Fences make sure your house looks decorative and advanced.

If you have fences around the house and want to maintain them or are thinking about getting new fences installed, get some professionals fencing contractors Tasmania and ensure your house looks good as new. To have the best looking and maintained fences in the neighborhood, make a little extra effort and hire the best technicians along with the material.

1. Choose the Right Material

Depending on the location of your house, you need to select the right material for your fence. There are different materials available such as concrete, wood, artificial wood, tiles etc. and all can be used to make your own fences as per your requirements. You can choose the right material as per the weather around you. For example, if you live in a tropical region, getting concrete or wooden fences is a good idea.

If you feel your fences are too hard or too weak, you can obviously get them changed as per your weather conditions and extremity around the house.

2. Choose the Right Height

It is important to understand the importance of height when it comes to setting your fences. Your fences must be just the right height to stop external forces and not long enough to stop the winds from flowing inside when a hot day is here. You need to be sure of the height because the height is responsible for entertaining weather concerns and other issues which surround houses in the open.

The purpose of following standard height is to ensure there is no concern about ventilation and at the same time, no worries about animals jumping over the fences and come over. Therefore, it is easier to set a standard height for the fences instead of choosing something too tall or too short.

3. Paint Your Fences

Oftentimes when you select the wooden fence, there are chances that they look rather dull after a few months. Instead of letting them get old and look duller, it is important to have the fences painted. Fences need to be painted with polish or some other paints if you need to make them look fresh and colorful.

You can select from a variety of color, for example, dark brown, light brown, dull gold or even ash white. You will enjoy looking at how fresh and how amazing these fences look. Therefore, you need to make sure these are painted and kept new and fresh as you want to.

Residential Architecture

Residential Architects

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Qualities Of The Best Residential Architects In Sydney

Currently, interior designing is a trend in both urban and metropolitan surroundings. It is taken as a phenomenal thing that can turn the ambiance look into a piece of vivid art.  The residential architects in Sydney comprise a team of innovative people who have essentially specialised in construction and designing of luxurious residential buildings. Their experience is from the number of projects they have been implementing for many years now. Nowadays, these residential architects are of high demand, as they are at the forefront in the provision of a wide range of construction services and space design services to the clients in Sydney.

It is true that these residential architects in Sydney are highly skilled in their field of specialisation, not all are in a position of providing the best services to the clients. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing a residential architect for your interior design project.  However, using the following pointers, you’ll be in a position of choosing the best and reliable residential architect in Sydney.

Level of experience

Make sure that you’re hiring a residential architect in Sydney who has been working in that field for more than three years. Through that experience, the chosen residential architect will be in a position of offering development services and foolproof services.


A knowledgeable residential architect must be well conversant will all terminologies in that field. Through this, he/she will be capable of teaching the current terminologies in the respective field. He/she must be kept updated about the upcoming trends in this field of residential architecture and spaces.

Must be innovative

One of the things expected from the best residential architect is creativity. He/she must in a position of coming up with new ways on how to improve the interior design services. Try to check how the residential architect you choose can make your interior design project different from the current ones in the field.

Must be understanding

This is one of the essential tips to look when looking for the residential architect for your new living space. He/she must be in a position of understanding the clients’ needs and try coming up with the best solutions concerning the raised issue. The architect must know how to apply the clients’ budget the complete the assigned project within the specified timeframe.

Ever ready to offer the needed assistance

The best residential architect must always remain available whenever required by the client. His/her presence during the implementation of the project is essential, as it ensures that everything runs smoothly and avoids last minute rash. Always hire the residential architect who promises to be available during the implementation of the project and even after it. Avoid the one who says to be available during the process but goes missing upon its completion.

Hope now you know how to get the best residential architect in Sydney? Hesitate no more! Put these into practice for exemplary services. It is true that your residence matters a lot to you and thus, you will not be ready to mess to it in any way, and this can be solved with the best residential architect. By hiring a highly skilled residential architect in line to the above tips, you will not encounter problems relating to the unmatched floor, unmatched ceiling, bad interior, and unwanted spacing.


Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

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Interior of the modern design bathroom 3D rendering

Even though we all like to drool over the photos of appealing designer bathrooms, not everyone has the ability to go all out when it comes to sprucing up the bathroom. However, that does not mean your remodel has to be uninspired and boring. WA Assett tell us there are numerous ways to get a luxurious bathroom without spending a fortune, and we are going to reveal some ideas in this article.

Tile Rug

Professional bathroom designers will tell you that if you wish to splurge on a single part of the remodel, then it should be the floor and that’s because it has the largest impact. Instead of installing an expensive stone mosaic, you can save a significant amount by designing a rug with only a few sq. Ft of an eye-catching material and utilizing large format tiles.

Grout Color

Tiling most or even all of the bathroom’s wall surface lends it a polished look, but it can be quite expensive. White ceramic tiles tend to be the least expensive, but the finished look can appear a little bland. You can make the final look stand out by using colored or dark grout.

Large Format Tiles

Going for an out of the box dimension instead of the standard 3 by 6-inch format is another idea that will take your bathroom design a step closer to pure luxury. Tile sizes such as 4 by 8 inches or 2 by 9 inches tend to make the bathroom stand out.

Furniture Vanities

Another excellent bathroom design idea is to repurpose a superb piece of furniture that you own into a distinct vanity. If you happen to be a bit handy, you can ideally use a DIY tutorial that will guide you on making holes on the surface for a faucet and sink and even retrofit the drawers in order to pave the way for water supply.

Upgrade the Pulls and Knobs

If you do not have the money to spend on a tailored vanity, do not worry. A simple model can go a long way in making your bathroom look luxurious with some pretty items such as pulls. You should consider shopping around specialty or vintage stores to find hardware that’s unique.

Choosing The Stone

It is hard to beat the visual beauty and warmth of natural stone in the washroom, but you will have to break the bank for that. However, you can check the local stone yard for pieces that meet your design needs and pick the less exotic kinds that are relatively cheap. For example, Carrara marble is usually 25% cheaper than other varieties like Thassos and Calacatta.

Consider Chrome

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing a finish for your plumbing fittings. Brass, bronze, and nickel are just a few examples. However, chrome is known to be cheaper, and as a bonus, it is the easiest to clean and maintain and also blends perfectly with both traditional and modern bathroom designs.

As you can see, it is not impossible to have a luxurious bathroom without spending a fortune. Utilize these design tips, and you will have the bathroom of your dr


How You Can Stay Sun Safe In The Garden

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Girl anoints her face protective cream on the beach

If you’re outdoors gardening and the sun is out, you need to know the dangers of the sun to your skin. Skin cancer is more common than ever before and just one sunburn as a kid can cause some serious damage and put you at a higher risk for skin cancer. These tips can help you to stay sun safe in the garden and hopefully avoid skin cancer.


Start with a good sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30. Slather this on like it’s going out of style. You want to put a barrier between your delicate skin, and the sun.

Even if you don’t think that the sun can reach your skin, put sunscreen on. It only takes a small burn to do serious damage.

Wear A Hat

Always wear a hat. If you look around you at workers out in the fields, most of them are wearing a hat. That’s because most of the migrant workers and field workers know the dangers of the sun.

Grab a floppy hat, and put it on. You may feel weird at first, however, given time, you’re going to appreciate the hat and the fact that you aren’t getting sunburned on the top of your head.

Gardening Gloves

Always wear gardening gloves. We know you’re not scared of the worms in the garden, but, you don’t want to sunburn your hands. Wear your gloves.

If you take your gloves off to wash your hands, make sure that you put more sunscreen on prior to putting your gloves back on. Be sure that you get your wrist area where your gloves and shirt may not meet.

Long Sleeves

Always throw on a long sleeved shirt to help protect your arms. There are many great fabrics that will help to wick away the heat and sweat and they will protect you from sunburn.

There are also some specialty fabrics that can help protect you from the sun. These are a bit pricey, but it’s well worth the protection that they offer you from the suns harsh rays. Consider a few of these shirts to help protect your delicate skin from the sun.

Long Pants

Yes, you also need long pants. The suns harsh rays can also burn your legs, even if you’re kneeling in the garden a lot.

Protect your delicate skin from the harsh sun and wear some lightweight khakis or something so that you’re not burning your legs.

Reapply Sunscreen

If you’re out in the sun longer than 2 hours, be sure that you reapply your sunscreen. Sunscreen begins to dissipate as soon as you apply it and within 2 hours you need to reapply to ensure that your delicate skin is protected.

Choose the strongest SPF you can afford and make sure to get your nose, ears, the back of your neck and other areas that are exposed to the sun.

Using these tips will go far in helping you to protect your skin from the suns harsh rays. Don’t feel silly, if everyone else is out in the sun burning, you’re going to be the smart one in the end.


Reasons To Use Polyurethane Spray Foam For Home Insulation

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Technician spraying foam insulation using Plural Component Spray Gun

For those that are in a home that does not have enough insulation, the thought of ripping done your walls to put insulation in is probably not at the top of your list. There is a better way. It involves drilling a small hole every couple feet, and allowing a professional to install what is called polyurethane spray foam. It’s going to expand, going from top to bottom, providing you with a very solid way of insulating your interior walls. If you would like to have this done, you need to find a professional that uses this home insulation.

Why Do So Many People Choose This Particular Insulation?

The main reason that people choose this particular form of insulation is because it is easy to use. For example, if you have been dreading the possibility that you would have to have major reconstruction in your house after you are putting insulation, that’s now a thing of the past. The holes can be patched up very easily. What you want to do is use a professional company that will be able to install is properly. It does expand once the two different chemicals come together. After that occurs, you have no way of controlling it at all. That’s why professionals are highly recommended if you are going to use this foam. They will be able to go all the way to the bottom in your walls, and all the way to the top, creating a perfect fit between each inner and outer wall.

Why Is This Always The Best Choice

It is probably going to be a phenomenal choice for virtually anyone, but it is especially helpful if you have a new or older home that has walls that are already out. When you see insulation being put inside walls, this is because the sheet rock is not yet in place. To avoid the thousands of dollars in damage that will occur just to insulate the interior of your home, polyurethane spray foam is going to be the best choice.

Getting Quotes From Companies That Can Do This

There are many companies that are able to do this for you. For example, you can find contractors such as Tate’s Coating Services that specialize in using this foam every day. Once you have found a company that is affordable, you can schedule a time for them to come out to help you. You need to devote at least half a day to being elsewhere. They will need that much time to work and complete the job. Once it is done, you will be very happy with the final result. You will definitely notice it by the way it feels in your home.

This really is the best choice for people that have a fully constructed home. It will provide you with the best option because of the least amount of damage that it will cause. As long as you are using a professional that has the equipment that can deliver the foam to the top and bottom of the interior of your walls, you are going to have a tight seal that will ensure that you will never have to worry about putting insulation in your home again.


The Advantages Of Glass Pool Fencing

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Modern swimming pool covered with glass panels beside a green lawn garden including trees and chairs

Having a pool during the hot summer months is not something you take for granted. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility, and one of them is prevention and safety. Pool fencing should always be a necessity and priority when installing one, and you can’t go wrong with glass balustrades.

In this article you are going to learn about the advantages of glass pool fencing, and why you should be installing it right now.

1. Incredibly Safe

With glass pool fencing you’ll be getting effective safety, seeing as there is no way toddlers or kids can get through it. Not only is it high enough, but there aren’t any tiny spaces that allow puppies and such to crawl through, and you don’t have to worry about the wrong people ending up in the pool.

2. Visual Appeal

One thing that really stands out from glass pool fencing is the design, which is modern and sleek. In fact, this is the type of fencing that can make any property stand out, whether it’s residential or commercial. With a glass fence, you are definitely going to enjoy your time at the pool.

3. You Can See Everything

While the fence provides the necessary safety and protection, it also allows you to see straight through.

4. Easy To Maintain

For individuals who have had the liberty of cleaning conventional pool fences and glass fences, you’ll know how tough the conventional fence can be. Glass, on the other hand, isn’t going to take nearly as long to maintain and clean.

5. It’s Strong

If, for some reason, you don’t think a glass pool fence is going to be strong enough, think again. They are typically made of tempered glass, meaning they are almost as strong as steel. Plus, if a massive and intense pressure happens to break the fence, the pieces of the fence are going to be blunt and won’t pose a risk.

6. Diverse Designs

If you haven’t seen the diverse range of glass fences for the pool yet, you are in for a treat. There are so many to choose from you’ll be wondering why you didn’t consider them sooner. You can even get them in different colors and textures. Take a look at some designs at

7. Great For Blocking Wind

Traditional railings and fences are not going to curb the pressure of a strong wind. However, a glass fencing is a solid structure. This makes it very effective at blocking wind near the pool area.

8. It Makes The Area Look Bigger

Unlike the closed-down atmosphere, a conventional fence tends to create, a glass fence doesn’t establish this barrier. Instead, the pool area is going to look bigger.

9. It’s Durable

With glass, you don’t have to worry about rust or insects eating away at it. And you don’t even have to worry about treating it with special paint.

The fact is that a glass fencing for your pool makes a lot of sense. You can see everything, it will last for years, and it provides incredible safety.


How Long Does It Usually Take To Build A Custom Home?

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Modern backyard with swimming pool in Australian mansion

If you are thinking about building a custom home, there are several things that you will want to consider. You should try to learn more about what the process entails and how long it will take. Here’s what you should know about building a brand new home.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Build A Home?

The time it takes to build a custom home varies based on the size and complexity of the property. In most cases, the entire process will take somewhere between 10 and 16 months.

It’s important to note that the estimate above includes every aspect of the process. Building a home typically takes less than 6 months. However, it takes time to finalize a design, examine a lot, and obtain the materials needed to build a property. Even if the builders work quickly, it will take time to construct your new home.

What Is The Process Usually Like?

The first step of the process usually involves choosing a floor plan for your home. Many custom home builders have a number of floor plans available to choose from. These plans can be customized in a number of ways.

Once a plan has been chosen, you will have to find a lot for your new home. The builder may have purchased lots ahead of time. If this is the case, you’ll be able to look at the lots that they have secured and choose a lot for your home.

After these two steps have been completed, the builder will be able to move forward with constructions. They should be able to tell you when construction will begin and how long they expect the process to take.

What Can Delay The Process?

One of the main things that can delay a new construction project is the weather. If the weather is very cold, builders may not be able to safely work on your new home. If it has rained, the project may have to be paused until the wet areas have the chance to dry.

You can’t count on ideal weather conditions. There is a good chance that weather will slow down the building process at one point or another. Keep an eye on the weather and see how it impacts your custom home project.

What To Do If You Have A Tight Schedule?

If you are planning on moving into your custom home by a certain date, you may want to come up with a backup plan. There is a chance that your home will not be completed within your desired time frame.

Even if you work with excellent builders, your home may not be completed on schedule. Decide what you will do if your new home is not completed on time.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how long it takes to build a custom home, you can decide how you would like to proceed. You are now in a position to plan for your future. You’ll know what to expect from the home building process.


Tips For Choosing The Best Fencing Contractor

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white fence with green hedge at a small house garden

A fence is a significant investment. Most homeowners spend some time choosing the design and material. Well, even with the best materials out there, your fence won’t look or function properly for if it’s not installed correctly. That’s why it is wise for both commercial and residential property owners to find qualified fence contractors to install their fence.

Take the local phone book or fire up your favourite search engine and you will find numerous results for fence contractors. Picking the first name from the listings is never a good idea. You want to hire a contractor such as Skilled Fencing who will not only do a perfect job the first time but at an affordable price. Use these tips to find a competent fence contractor in your region.

First, you should consider asking your friends and relatives for references. In most cases, people you know may be familiar with an individual or a company that provides fencing services. Take time to check the fences in your local region that seem appealing to you. Ask the property owners about their experience with the contractors and the issues they may be having with the fence. More often than not, first-hand knowledge is usually helpful in determining whether a contractor is worth working with or not.

Check the Better Business Bureau(BBB) to check whether there have been any complaints issued against the company you’re interested in. If there are, follow up on how they were handled. You can also take a look at consumer ratings online. Almost all contractors today belong to sites that allow clients to comment on their services.

It is also a good idea to check whether the fence contractor is insured and licensed. Ask about any warranties that the company provides on workmanship. There might be additional warranties from manufacturers. A reputable fencing contractor should give you a reasonable estimate. Avoid contractors that insist on starting work without a written estimate.

You may also want to compare a few estimates. This ensures that you are being charged reasonably. Ensure that the fence installers use high quality materials. Lower grades may save you money at first, but your fence will not last long and won’t function as well as fences constructed with top-notch materials.

Ask the fence contractor to show you pictures of the various fences they have worked on. A competent contractor should not have an issue in building a variety of fence designs with different materials. You want to work with an experienced specialist who has the right skills and knowledge.

Avoid contractors who ask for large sums of money upfront. Most professionals will need a deposit, but avoid paying too much before the fence is complete. You should both agree on a payment schedule before the project begins.

Installing a new fence can be expensive, and it will significantly affect the look of your home. As such, it is important to look for a reputable and experienced fence contractor to build this valuable asset.


5 Ways to Design and Create the Best Neighbourhood Garden That Will be The Envy of All

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To make your home the eye catcher of your neighbourhood, you will need a few fresh ideas for your garden. Your garden surrounds your home and should create the background for the whole picture. Your garden will need different actions and planning for each of the four seasons. For every season a different array of plants and trees flourish. Taking that in account, you can start planning your lush garden and turn it in a different kind of fairytale for each season. Each garden has evergreen plants. Make these plants your focus points and start your garden creation around them.
5 Tips to make your garden the neighbourhoods’ envy
1. Decide where your focus point for each season should be centred. Then decide on a way to connect these centre points through each season. That will ensure that the rest of the garden is still part of each centre point during every season. Rejuvenate older flowerbeds t. Cut out all overgrown and dead plants and trees.

2. Decide on the size and placements of new flowerbeds. Work in compost to enrich the soil. Lay down some mulch. It will enhance the gardens’ appearance and will save a lot of time and effort.
3. Do some research to decide which flowers and brush grows best in each season. Then decide on flowers for each season. Decide on the colours to fit in with the rest of your fairytale picture. In winter, where there might be just snow at times, you can still form or place new brush, to enhance your snowy garden portrait.
4. Prepare for pest control during the full bloom seasons. As soon as spring flowers starts to flourish, the pests will come to play. Even small animals can cause a great deal of damage to a garden. Remove all snails, slugs and worms you can see, and then spray the areas with non-toxic pesticides. If needed, install barriers to keep out small animals.
5. Gardens love rainwater. During the rainy season there will be plenty rainwater. Collect rainwater in water features throughout your garden. Use this water to refresh flowers and shrubbery.
Keep your garden in tip top condition throughout the year. Spring, summer and autumn you can enjoy your outdoor oasis. In winter you might not feel like being outside, but your garden can still be a fairy tale to the eye.