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Caravan Awnings for Sale Buying Guide

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Getting the best out of your caravan trip is ensured with the presence of a key component like the caravan awning. If If you are wondering where to find caravan awnings for sale and want to choose the best ones on sale, you have to consider a few things that fit your requirements and caravan.

Kinds of Caravan Awnings

Full Awnings

A full awning is what you need if you want to add the most possible space outside your caravan. The extremely durable, reliable, and stable constructions of full awnings give you the ability to create one or two extra rooms.  Notwithstanding, camping in style and comfort is achieved with the full awning design.

Inflatable Awnings

Easy to set up, inflatable awnings are also known as air awnings. The inflatable frame is pumped with air to set it up. There are inflatable awning models that feature both steel and air constructions. Whatever the chosen model, inflatable awnings are lightweight because of their use of fewer or absence of steel poles.

Lightweight Awnings

If you frequently move from one place to another during your trips, the lightweight awning is the best option. The lightweight materials integrated into the design of this type of awning make them easy to transport, setup, and pack away once it’s time to go. However, the awning does have a durability issue which means that you’ll have to purchase a new one every few years.

Porch Awnings

Your caravan achieves a small extended space by setting up a porch awning. The created extra space works perfectly as an area for your dog to stay in or for storing bicycles, sports equipment, and even your wet clothes. Designed as portable, porch awnings are easy to assemble and disassemble. They suit all types and kinds of motor homes and caravans. Setting up porch awnings need guide ropes or pegs as a way of attaching them to the ground.

Features of Awnings

The basic features contained in almost all types of awnings include:

  • Spiked feet
  • Veranda poles
  • Mosquito net windows
  • Ventilation slits
  • Lightweight poles (options)
  • Window blinds
  • Draught skirts
  • Lacquered roof to protect from snow
  • Roof light strips
  • Harlequin strips
  • Curtains

Awning Accessories

Awning accessories make the installation and use of awnings comfortable and easy. Some of the top ones include:

  • Storm tie-down kits
  • Windscreens
  • Carpets and other types of flooring
  • Mallets
  • Furniture
  • Canopies
  • Spare pegs
  • Storage tents/annexes

Awning Maintenance Guideline

 The right way of maintaining your awning holds the key to make them function at their optimum over the years.


An awning is ready to be folded up and stored away if it is 100% dry and clean. Leaving it to hang for two days and brushing away the mud and stain from it is the best way to ensure its cleanliness and dryness. Cotton sheets need to be placed between the windows to protect them.


A soft brush and water are the only things you need to clean your awning. Never use cleaning products and detergent.

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How to find the right Sunshine Coast outdoor furniture store

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Are you thinking about buying outdoor furniture in Sunshine Coast? Chances are you are already on the lookout for a furniture store which has the best quality furniture on offer. While there are quite a few store you can buy patio furniture from, how do you go about finding one which only stocks up on quality pieces? Finding a furniture store doesn’t have to be a major issue. Just make sure to keep the following tips in mind:

Choose a store which has been tried and tested

If you have friends or close family who have recently purchased patio furniture you might consider asking the about where they got it from? Also it’s a good way of knowing whether they are satisfied with the products or not? You can even visit their home and take a closer look at the furniture. The key is to make sure that the products which they have bought appeal to you. If you like what you see you can easily find the outdoor furniture store in sunshine cast and visit it personally.

Check their online visibility

Most furniture stores have an online presence. Even if they don’t sell their furniture online they would have a website. The website would contain reviews left by past customers. Make sure you check out those review and be on the lookout for high and low ratings. Often customers come back with a review after a few months to give an opinion about whether they are satisfied with the products which they got or not. Also the website might give all the information regarding the kind of furniture which is sold. Some outdoor furniture stores make sure they deal in only high end pieces while others might offer a greater variety on different kind of materials.

Also some furniture stores might hold annual sales and if you are lucky you might find yourself with a few sale vouchers in hand. Once you have got all the information from the website, it’s time to pay a personal visit to the furniture store.

Visiting a Sunshine Coast outdoor furniture store

When you visit the furniture store, make sure you inspect the furniture closely. You should be on the lookout for pieces which have been constructed using expert craftsmanship. Such are the piece which would last a life time and are actually a sound investment like those outdoor furniture by Hold Fast Designs. On the other hand if you are on a budget and looking for something which wouldn’t break the bank, aluminum furniture is the answer. Not only does it come in innovative designs but is also weather resistant and can last for a long time when cared for. Its low maintenance as well and can look just as attractive as any high end wooden furniture.

Also keep in mind that if you are investing in furniture made from wrought iron or any other heavy material, it might not be as portable as you like. Wooden furniture on the other hand tends to be on the expensive side and is also high maintenance.

Just make sure you visit a furniture store which offers quality pieces.


5 Ways to Design and Create the Best Neighbourhood Garden That Will be The Envy of All

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To make your home the eye catcher of your neighbourhood, you will need a few fresh ideas for your garden. Your garden surrounds your home and should create the background for the whole picture. Your garden will need different actions and planning for each of the four seasons. For every season a different array of plants and trees flourish. Taking that in account, you can start planning your lush garden and turn it in a different kind of fairytale for each season. Each garden has evergreen plants. Make these plants your focus points and start your garden creation around them.
5 Tips to make your garden the neighbourhoods’ envy
1. Decide where your focus point for each season should be centred. Then decide on a way to connect these centre points through each season. That will ensure that the rest of the garden is still part of each centre point during every season. Rejuvenate older flowerbeds t. Cut out all overgrown and dead plants and trees.

2. Decide on the size and placements of new flowerbeds. Work in compost to enrich the soil. Lay down some mulch. It will enhance the gardens’ appearance and will save a lot of time and effort.
3. Do some research to decide which flowers and brush grows best in each season. Then decide on flowers for each season. Decide on the colours to fit in with the rest of your fairytale picture. In winter, where there might be just snow at times, you can still form or place new brush, to enhance your snowy garden portrait.
4. Prepare for pest control during the full bloom seasons. As soon as spring flowers starts to flourish, the pests will come to play. Even small animals can cause a great deal of damage to a garden. Remove all snails, slugs and worms you can see, and then spray the areas with non-toxic pesticides. If needed, install barriers to keep out small animals.
5. Gardens love rainwater. During the rainy season there will be plenty rainwater. Collect rainwater in water features throughout your garden. Use this water to refresh flowers and shrubbery.
Keep your garden in tip top condition throughout the year. Spring, summer and autumn you can enjoy your outdoor oasis. In winter you might not feel like being outside, but your garden can still be a fairy tale to the eye.