Hiring an Electrician

Are you looking for an electrician in Canberra? While doing a few electrical repairs is something which is easy for quite a few people, there are certain instances which can only be handled with the help from a professional electrician. One such example is faulty wiring. This can cause a great deal of problems from electrocution to initiating a fire. Therefore if you believe that the wiring in the home needs to be checked, make sure you hire the right electrician in Canberra.

It is important to hire an electrician who is not only reliable but is an expert in their field as well. a reliable electrician would be able to give a guarantee on their work. Make sure you keep the following tips in mind when looking for an electrician:

  • Get the recommendations. You can request recommendations from contractors and builders. This is because they are in constant contact with electrician. They know the people who are reliable and do quality work. You can also rely on recommendations made by friends and family. This is one way of getting firsthand knowledge about an electrician and the kind of work they do.

  • Get to know what their area of expertise is. An electrician can specialise in three or four areas or they may be focused on doing a single kind of work only. So make sure you are looking for someone who is expert in the kind of work that you have in mind.
  • Once you have short listed the few people you might be interested in hiring, get to know if they possess a license to work. Anyone who is undertaking electrical work needs to be licensed. Also verify if they possess insurance. Although it’s not mandatory but someone who has an insurance is backed up and you shouldn’t think twice when it comes to hiring any such electrician.
  • Get some references. When you have the numbers of a few references make sure you call them to get to know about the quality of work done by the electricians. Get to know if they completed the work on time and whether they completed their work according to the estimated cost or quote which they had given while it is normal for the quote to vary by a few dollars but no one wants to go over budget.
  • Also make sure that there are no major complains against the electrical company whose electrician you are thinking about hiring. Make sure to check out customer feedback on their website.
  • Get a quote. Once you have a quote from two or three people you would choose someone who you think would work for your budget. Avoid hiring electrician on the basis of price only. Keep in mind that someone who does quality work may also charge an amount for their expertise and the material which they use. Just because someone is offering cheap service doest mean that they do quality work.