Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

Interior of the modern design bathroom 3D rendering

Even though we all like to drool over the photos of appealing designer bathrooms, not everyone has the ability to go all out when it comes to sprucing up the bathroom. However, that does not mean your remodel has to be uninspired and boring. WA Assett tell us there are numerous ways to get a luxurious bathroom without spending a fortune, and we are going to reveal some ideas in this article.

Tile Rug

Professional bathroom designers will tell you that if you wish to splurge on a single part of the remodel, then it should be the floor and that’s because it has the largest impact. Instead of installing an expensive stone mosaic, you can save a significant amount by designing a rug with only a few sq. Ft of an eye-catching material and utilizing large format tiles.

Grout Color

Tiling most or even all of the bathroom’s wall surface lends it a polished look, but it can be quite expensive. White ceramic tiles tend to be the least expensive, but the finished look can appear a little bland. You can make the final look stand out by using colored or dark grout.

Large Format Tiles

Going for an out of the box dimension instead of the standard 3 by 6-inch format is another idea that will take your bathroom design a step closer to pure luxury. Tile sizes such as 4 by 8 inches or 2 by 9 inches tend to make the bathroom stand out.

Furniture Vanities

Another excellent bathroom design idea is to repurpose a superb piece of furniture that you own into a distinct vanity. If you happen to be a bit handy, you can ideally use a DIY tutorial that will guide you on making holes on the surface for a faucet and sink and even retrofit the drawers in order to pave the way for water supply.

Upgrade the Pulls and Knobs

If you do not have the money to spend on a tailored vanity, do not worry. A simple model can go a long way in making your bathroom look luxurious with some pretty items such as pulls. You should consider shopping around specialty or vintage stores to find hardware that’s unique.

Choosing The Stone

It is hard to beat the visual beauty and warmth of natural stone in the washroom, but you will have to break the bank for that. However, you can check the local stone yard for pieces that meet your design needs and pick the less exotic kinds that are relatively cheap. For example, Carrara marble is usually 25% cheaper than other varieties like Thassos and Calacatta.

Consider Chrome

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing a finish for your plumbing fittings. Brass, bronze, and nickel are just a few examples. However, chrome is known to be cheaper, and as a bonus, it is the easiest to clean and maintain and also blends perfectly with both traditional and modern bathroom designs.

As you can see, it is not impossible to have a luxurious bathroom without spending a fortune. Utilize these design tips, and you will have the bathroom of your dr